Youth Roundtables

FirstPic, Inc. recently partnered with ICF International and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) as part of an innovative initiative to develop resources and tools to combat the devastating effects of bullying and hate crimes that afflict many communities nationwide. FirstPic, Inc. assisted in organizing and implementing youth roundtables held with 19 youth development organizations in nine cities representing various geographic regions across the United States. As a segment of OJJDP’s multi-pronged approach, the youth roundtables ensured that youth voices and ideas are represented in this initiative and will play a role in curriculum development. The initiative aims to provide early interventions through a youth-based lens to reduce youth hate crimes and identity-based bullying.

FirstPic, Inc. provided the following services:

  • Initiated outreach to secure youth serving organizations to participate in the youth roundtables.
  • Participated in meetings with stakeholders and OJJDP/ICF staff to organize youth roundtables and solicit feedback on the OJJDP Facilitator’s Guide.
  • Communicated with on-site contacts at youth serving organizations to provide assistance with preparations for the youth roundtables.
  • Traveled to sites to assist with youth roundtable facilitation and information gathering.
  • Compiled information from all youth roundtables and formatted for task group.
  • Assisted with outreach to solicit participation of youth roundtable facilitators in the feedback and curriculum discussion meeting.
  • Participated in the feedback and curriculum discussion meeting held after all youth roundtables were completed.