We offer a full range of graphic design and layout services to meet any project need. Our design capabilities range from polishing ideas to crafting complex program branding. FirstPic, Inc. relies on state-of-the-art computer systems and industry-standard graphic design software to create everything from full program curriculum to website design. In every product that we produce, our graphics team combines impressive design elements with effective information architecture resulting in successful, eye-catching and functional end products.

Graphic Design

The graphics team is responsible for design and layout of numerous ongoing monthly or periodic newsletters, which FirstPic, Inc. produces from content development through dissemination. For these multi-color, award-winning newsletters, our graphics team must develop eye-catching, age and content-appropriate photos and graphic elements, and format content to encourage reading.

FirstPic, Inc. collaborates with our clients to develop graphic themes for conference materials that are informed by the conference topic, the audience, and the client. Each graphic theme is clear and flexible enough to reflect the theme in a range of products including save-the-date postcards, flyers, agendas, conference folders or bags, participant binders, banners, name badges, name tents, and certificates.

The writer and designer of a manual or guidebook share the same perspective: Give readers a user-friendly format with sufficient detail to allow them to achieve their goals. Whether the goal is operating a successful mentoring program for Native youth, opening youth to the adventure of science, or complying with Federal government regulations, FirstPic, Inc. has the expertise to meet any challenge.

FirstPic, Inc. develops content and design for pamphlets and brochures to communicate in a minimum amount of space. Selecting graphics that complement the message and text that is focused and clear, FirstPic, Inc. creates compelling messages.

Technical Assistance handouts, notebooks, and assessments demand the photos and the text that will move the user from learning and absorbing to acting. Users will depend on our comprehensive, well-designed materials during, but even more so after, the training event to remind them of critical issues and the steps needed to solve their problems or make plans reality.

FirstPic, Inc. develops large format displays and roll-up banners to meet needs of individual clients. These full-color, high-quality banners are custom designed and eye-catching.

Web-based reporting and registration sites offer users the opportunity to move at their own pace and comfort-level. We work closely with clients to develop a website experience that meets the client and user expectations. Sites contain additional information, and users always have ways to connect with live staff if desired.

Beyond traditional print media, the world of communication technologies offers exciting possibilities for sustainability. FirstPic, Inc. has created custom flash drives and conference CDs to eliminate conference/training notebooks and paper handouts. We develop PowerPoint presentations and simplify the application process by allowing users to download and submit customized, on-screen fillable Adobe PDF files.