Project Bounce Back

FirstPic, Inc. was directly involved in leading an effort to drive the initiative for Project Bounce Back between the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services and Boys & Girls Clubs of Maryland. Project Bounce Back is a $25 million first-in-the-nation public-private partnership to help Maryland youth recover from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The series of initiatives provides strategic mental health services, expands the footprint of youth development programs, and develops an innovative, data-driven digital solution to build post-COVID resilience among Maryland’s youth, families and communities. Project Bounce Back has provided the incredible foundation to expand the reach of Boys & Girls Clubs of Maryland to every county in Maryland, prioritizing Title 1 school districts and rural communities, to reach 45,000 children across all jurisdictions with youth development programs and positive mentorship.

FirstPic, Inc. provides the following services:

  • Maintains financial and programmatic tracking through customized Salesforce online reporting website.
  • Conducts targeted outreach to provide grant administration and necessary training and technical assistance to subgrantees.
  • Makes certain subgrantees are in compliance with grant reporting guidelines.
  • Participates in site visits as needed to attend programmatic sessions, special events and offers technical assistance.
  • Provides website management and maintenance for
  • Collects success stories and develops two newsletters and final report each grant year.
  • Ensures relevant content is posted to social media channels to enhance project reach.