Troubled Housing Authority Technical Assistance

HUD awarded FirstPic, Inc. an Indefinite Quantity Contract by the HUD Office of Field Operations to provide training and technical assistance HUD designated troubled housing authorities.

Under this contract, FirstPic, Inc. worked directly with the Detroit Housing Commission (DHC) to assist the organization in continuing its efforts to comply with Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Program and Rental Integrity Monitoring (RHIIP/RIM) standards. FirstPic, Inc. performed a 100 percent participant file audit on site at each of the 18 DHC sites and made corrections to ensure that compliance with RHIIP/RIM standards was achieved. Based on the file audit, FirstPic, Inc. was responsible for identifying systemic and recurring errors and suggesting additional recommendations for corrective measures, including staff reorganization. Additionally, FirstPic, Inc. advised DHC of changes to policies and procedures for RHIIP/RIM-related areas that would improve performance, including:

  • Organization of applicant/participant files and determination of documentation requirements.
  • Determination and verification of annual income, deductions, utility allowances and family composition.
  • Rent calculation.
  • Provision of adequate internal controls and quality control reviews to ensure program compliance.

FirstPic, Inc also developed and trained the East St. Louis (IL) Housing Authority (ESLHA) on various aspects of housing authority operation and administration. FirstPic, inc. worked with ESLHA’s HUD administrator and Executive Director to design and develop three five-day agency specific trainings for the staff of ESLHA. The trainings included pre- and post-testing to determine and ensure satisfactory competencies in the trained material. The trainings were:

  • Project Management – designed for housing authority staff focusing on public housing day-to-day staff and office administration.
  • Financial Management – designed for public housing project staff focusing on basic HUD financial information bridging the gap between the accounting departments and public housing operation staff.
  • Procurement and Contract Administration – designed for housing authority staff focusing on the HUD procurement regulation and guidance so the agency may have a fully compliant program.