Immersion Adventure Series

FirstPic, Inc. partnered with the Sea Research Foundation in 2003 to develop a program series, Immersion Learning, to help participants understand the positive roles that science and technology play in their everyday lives. Together, eight interactive adventure series manuals were developed.  Each manual exposes youth to ongoing scientific expeditions and research in an effort to ignite their interest in real discovery and learning. The Adventure Series titles include:

  • Adventures to the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean
  • Return to Titanic
  • Life at the Extremes
  • Dolphins
  • Ancient Eruptions
  • Secrets of the Gulf
  • Monterey Bay
  • Nautilus Live

As part of this partnership, FirstPic, Inc.:

  • Engaged in the concept development process for each manual.
  • Reviewed written materials to ensure appropriateness for intended audience (middle-school youth) and setting (after school programs).
  • Designed adventure series manuals to include introductory materials, leader pages, youth pages, and appendix materials.
  • Developed and administered evaluation tools.
  • Planned and facilitated training and technical assistance activities.
  • Designed and delivered a 3-day camp for middle-school youth involved in the Immersion Learning program.