Tribal Justice & Safety

FirstPic, Inc. worked collaboratively with more than 10 federal agencies and departments to deliver the Sessions 5 & 6 Interdepartmental Tribal Justice, Safety, and Wellness Conferences. The conferences were the result of federal partnerships focused on addressing issues brought forward as tribal priorities. Training topics included funding opportunities, data management and collections, tribal courts, crime prevention, law enforcement, detention facilities, methamphetamine training, information-sharing, the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, AMBER Alert, and tribal economic development. The sessions also included full-day Government-to-Government Consultations.

Attendees included elected tribal leaders and key policy decision-makers, tribal administrators, executive directors, finance and grant administration officers, tribal planners, grant writers, justice and law enforcement personnel, and tribal program project coordinators and grantee officers.

Activities carried out by FirstPic, Inc. to support these conferences included:

  • Conference planning, management and registration services.
  • Curriculum and conference material development.
  • Recruitment and selection of presenters and facilitators.
  • Scholarship application and approval process.
  • Logistical arrangements for speakers and scholarship designees.
  • Development and maintenance of conference website.
  • On-site logistical support.
  • Preparation, production, and distribution of executive and consultation summary reports.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the sessions.