Strategic Approaches to Improve Communications Initiative

FirstPic, Inc. partnered with Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) to develop strategic approaches to improve communications with and engagement of citizens, media representatives and other stakeholders as part of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Strategic Approaches to Improve Communications Initiative. For law enforcement to effectively meet the challenges of advancing community policing strategies, new methods and techniques must be developed to reach and, more importantly, to engage the general public in preventing crime and increasing community safety. The news media has had limited effectiveness in a strategy for community engagement and, with the development of information alternatives, is no longer the only viable method of communicating with citizens. New alternatives and capacity to communicate with and increase participation of citizens in matters of public safety are needed. In partnership with MCCA, FirstPic, Inc.:

  • Met with communications representatives from selected major cities to develop a framework for production of a white paper.
  • Conducted a research review and prepare findings for review by selected major cities.
  • Prepared a white paper for review by selected major cities.
  • Developed recommendations to broaden and expand this project to include in-depth research, tools to assist law enforcement chief executive officers, and training to implement best practices related to improving communications between law enforcement agencies and the public.
  • Developed and executed two executive briefings for law enforcement CEOs and Public Information Officers.
  • Developed a best practice guide for law enforcement executives to provide proactive strategic and tactical steps to communicate with and engage the public in crime prevention and problem solving partnerships.
  • Created an executive tool kit to provide specific steps, techniques, methods and technologies to communicate to the public crime information, policing strategies, risk communications, homeland security information and other public safety strategies, and how to effectively engage citizens in crime prevention and problem solving partnerships.