In partnership with Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA), FirstPic, Inc. assisted the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance to implement the nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Program and support the implementation through training and technical assistance in major cities throughout the United States. Introducing Suspicious Activity Reporting into U.S. law enforcement agencies was largely challenging for several reasons, including its ambiguous definition and non-standardized practice. Its purpose is to establish a nationwide capacity and a uniform program for gathering, documenting, processing, analyzing and sharing terrorism related Suspicious Activities Reports and information. To address the challenges associated with Suspicious Activity Reporting, FirstPic, Inc. collaborated with MCCA to:

  • Design, develop and maintain a project resource repository for policies, training programs, working definitions, program guiding documents, and other resources for practitioners, policy makers, law enforcement executives, training directors and other appropriate law enforcement representatives.
  • Develop a resource listing of subject matter experts to assist agencies in the development, implementation and institutionalization of the SAR Program, and to provide technical assistance.
  • Design, develop and deliver workshops, training sessions, focus groups and other implementation training delivery vehicles to provide educational or learning experiences to successfully implement and sustain a Suspicious Activity Reporting Program.
  • Design, develop and present a draft Suspicious Activity Reporting Program Implementation Guide.
  • Modify SAR training and technical assistance program to expand adoption and implementation of the SAR Program.