IHBG Leveraging Finance Program

FirstPic, Inc. conducted activities for HUD to provide training workshops and outreach to tribes, TDHEs, and third party sub-recipients on ONAP’s Native American Finance Program, also called the Leveraging Finance Program (LFP). LFP allowed tribes to use a portion of their own IHBG as security to encourage financial institutions to lend funds or issue a bond to cover the costs of larger affordable housing activities projects. Under this contract, FirstPic, Inc. planned, managed, and staffed six workshops held throughout the United States. Each workshop provided an overview of the program, but also included local speakers and strategies. Activities we conducted as part of workshop development and implementation included:

  • Curriculum revision
  • Identification and selection of presenters
  • Agenda and training materials development
  • Facilities and equipment procurement
  • Marketing
  • Registration
  • Travel arrangements for presenters
  • On-site training staffing
  • Debriefings/evaluations

To market the training sessions, FirstPic, Inc. developed informational post cards and training summary pieces as well as print and web advertisements. We also redesigned and updated HUD’s leveraging website. In the National Institutes of Health Contractor Performance System, this contract received an overall rating of excellent.