Baltimore Mental Health Systems, Inc. (BMHS) is a non-profit agency established by Baltimore City to perform the governmental function of managing the City’s Public Mental Health System. FirstPic, Inc. is currently working with the BMHS to improve its contract management process through an analysis of their contract management workflow and creating custom online contract management software (CMS). The new CMS capitalizes on the best-practices learned through FirstPic’s work with other national and regional non-profits and reflects the uniqueness of the City of Baltimore’s mental health services.

As part of this project FirstPic has:

  • Assisted in the definition of the current contract management workflow.
  • Advised BMHS management of possible adaptations to the existing workflow as a means of creating cost-savings through increased efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Created a contract management system based on FirstPic’s existing software to be used as part of the contract management workflow.
  • Provided training and guidance documentation to both administrative and contract recipient level.